Fereydoun Taslimi


Fereydoun Taslimi started his first venture in 1976 developing one the earliest Farsi micro-computer systems when he was a graduate student at Georgia Tech, the company later was acquired, and he went on to found a number of companies in various areas of technologies including, smart switches, interactive voice response systems, knowledge management, information discovery, network monitoring and security. One went public, several failed and two were subsequently were acquired after successful growth. Presently he is the founder of Sensorscall, developing an IOT/AI based solutions for aging in place market.

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Haleh Bridi

Haleh Bridi has had a long experience in international development, having spent many years at the World Bank and the OPEC Fund.

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Nadereh Chamlou

Nadereh Chamlou is an international development expert and a former Senior Advisor at the World Bank.

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Ramin Bagheri

Ramin Bagheri is an enthusiastic and engaged technology expert with more than two decades of industry experience.

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Ali Dadpay

Tina Brown is the founder and city councilor, districk
Media, a California-based consulting firm with local, state city.

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