Solidarity Message from iBRIDGES

Woman. Life. Freedom
زن. زندگی. آزادی

Dear iBridges Community,

We are heartbroken and appalled by the killing of young Jina (Mahsa) Amini and the following violence against ordinary citizens who merely stand up for their fundamental human rights and demand justice and equality. 

At iBridges, we have always been committed to creating an inclusive community that aims to build bridges of collaboration. We firmly believe that the economic and cultural advancement of any nation and its people requires equality, inclusion, and justice for all. Any nation that does not hold up the rights of its citizens will cripple its progress and be unable to reach its inherent potential. 

We believe that Women’s Rights are a fundamental driver for the advancement of any society and are committed to supporting young female entrepreneurs. 

We stand with the youth and in particular, the women of Iran who have courageously arisen to demand their basic rights. 

iBridges Board


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